CoreUI Community – knowledge base & FAQ in one place

You know that CoreUI means nothing without You – our (power) users.We get your messages, texts, tweets and e-mail every day. Many of youasked us about CoreUI Support – as a CoreUI user you’ve gotproprietary e-mail, GitHub and on-line support, but… it wasn’t enough.So, we made a next huge step: please welcome

We get from you a lot of feedback every day and that’s excellent, cause CoreUI should save your time, by offering functionality and design which cannot be found somewhere else. One of the latest tweets looked like this: Please check github, pls try or maybe docs… To much time, to many places! Why not in just one place? So we did it! is a place where you can find both knowledge base, FAQ and support in one place.

Does that mean that we focus only on that? Yes and no…

  • Yes, cause we’ll focus on CoreUI Community to give you the best support we can
  • Yes, cause we believe that as a proud CoreUI user you can give and get know-how
  • Yes, cause CoreUI Community will aggregate all other sources in 1 place And…
  • No, cause we’ll support you also in other spaces like Github.

Of course if you bought one of our PRO products and need our assistance, you can still fill out the support form and we will get back to you within 48 hours. If you don’t have a PRO license or your Human Tech Support expired, then you can also use global community to get the answers. is a space for you, so please feel welcome to add you thoughts, remarks, ideas and success stories. So just ping to , click the Support button or go directly to and discover a brave new world of support. From today on, it’s a central place where you can talk and get help regarding all CoreUI Products.