This component is part of the CoreUI LAB. If you want to use Date Range Picker component you have to install next version of the @coreui/coreui-pro@next package.
The LAB is the place where we release components that are actively developed and will be included in future releases of @coreui/coreui-pro.

For more information please visit our official documentation.
With timepicker
Date Range PickerSizing

Set heights using data-coreui-size attribute like data-coreui-size="lg" and data-coreui-size="sm".

Date Range PickerDisabled

Add the data-coreui-disabled="true" attribute on an input to give it a grayed out appearance and remove pointer events.

Date Range PickerReadonly

Add the data-coreui-input-read-only="true" boolean attribute to prevent modification of the input’s value.

Date Range PickerDisabled dates
Date Range PickerCustom ranges