In the example below, we take a typical card component and recreate it with placeholders applied to create a “loading card”. Size and proportions are the same between the two.

Card title

Some quick example text to build on the card title and make up the bulk of the card's content.

Go somewhere

Create placeholders with the .placeholder class and a grid column class (e.g., .col-6) to set the width. They can replace the text inside an element or be added as a modifier class to an existing component.


You can change the width through grid column classes, width utilities, or inline styles.


By default, the placeholder uses currentColor. This can be overridden with a custom color or utility class.


The size of .placeholders are based on the typographic style of the parent element. Customize them with sizing modifiers: .placeholder-lg, .placeholder-sm, or .placeholder-xs.


Animate placeholders with .placeholder-glow or .placeholder-wave to better convey the perception of something being actively loaded.