Floating labelsBasic example

Wrap a pair of <input class="form-control"> and <label> elements in .form-floating to enable floating labels with Bootstrap’s textual form fields. A placeholder is required on each <input> as our method of CSS-only floating labels uses the :placeholder-shown pseudo-element. Also note that the <input> must come first so we can utilize a sibling selector (e.g., ~).

When there’s a value already defined, <label>s will automatically adjust to their floated position.

Form validation styles also work as expected.

Floating labelsTextareas

By default, <textarea>s with .form-control will be the same height as <input>s.

To set a custom height on your <textarea>, do not use the rows attribute. Instead, set an explicit height (either inline or via custom CSS).

Floating labelsSelects

Other than .form-control, floating labels are only available on .form-selects. They work in the same way, but unlike <input>s, they’ll always show the <label> in its floated state.Selects with size and multiple are not supported.

Floating labelsLayout

When working with the CoreUI for Bootstrap grid system, be sure to place form elements within column classes.