Start without params
{{range1.options | json }}

Set min value, max value and start point
{{range2.options | json}}

Set type to double and specify range, also showing grid and adding prefix "$"
{{range3.options | json}}

Set up range with negative values
{{range4.options | json}}

Using step 250
{{range5.options | json}}

Set up range with fractional values, using fractional step
{{range6.options | json}}

Set up you own numbers
{{range7.options | json}}

Using any strings as your values
{{range8.options | json}}

One more example with strings
{{range9.options | json}}

No prettify. Big numbers are ugly and unreadable
{{range10.options | json}}

Prettify enabled. Much better!
{{range11.options | json}}

Don't like space as separator? Use anything you like!
{{range12.options | json}}

You don't like default prettify function? Use your own!
{{range13.options | json}}

Using prefixes
{{range14.options | json}}

Using postfixes
{{range15.options | json}}

Whant to show that max number is not the biggest one?
{{range16.options | json}}

Taking care about how from and to values connect? Use decorate_both option:
{{range17.options | json}}

Remove double decoration
{{range18.options | json}}

Use your own separator symbol with values_separator option. Like →
{{range19.options | json}}

Or " to ":
{{range20.options | json}}

You can disable all the sliders visual details, if you wish. Like this:
{{range21.options | json}}

Or hide any part you wish
{{range22.options | json}}

And some more
{{range23.options | json}}

And some more
{{range24.options | json}}