# Template components

Base template components that you can use to build your app. Here you can watch these components demo in the real app.

Sidebar template components are described here

# Header components

# CHeader API

Header with CoreUI styles

# CHeaderBrand API

Simple wrapper component that inherits CLink component functionalities, when 'to' or 'href' prop with link is passed.

# Header simple wrapper components

Wrapper components with CoreUI sidebar styling:

  • CHeaderNav - used for grouping header items,
  • CHeaderNavItem - used as header unit,
  • CHeaderNavLink - used as header item link (with CLink props),
  • CSubheader - used for grouping subheader (if you want to use subheader pass withSubheader prop to CHeader),

# CFooter API

Footer with CoreUI styles

# CWrapper API

Wrapper for template components with CoreUI styles