CoreUI PRO Component

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Vue Loading Button Component

Buttons with built-in loading indicators. Indicate the loading state of the button bridging the gap between action and feedback.

Other frameworks

CoreUI components are available as native Angular, Bootstrap (Vanilla JS), and React components. To learn more please visit the following pages.


<CLoadingButton color="primary" :timeout="2000">Submit</CLoadingButton>
<CLoadingButton color="primary" :timeout="2000" variant="outline">Submit</CLoadingButton>
<CLoadingButton color="primary" :timeout="2000" variant="ghost">Submit</CLoadingButton>


Border (Default)

<CLoadingButton color="info" :timeout="2000">Submit</CLoadingButton>
<CLoadingButton color="success" variant="outline" :timeout="2000">Submit</CLoadingButton>
<CLoadingButton color="warning" variant="ghost" :timeout="2000">Submit</CLoadingButton>


<CLoadingButton color="info" spinnerType="grow" :timeout="2000">Submit</CLoadingButton>
<CLoadingButton color="success" spinnerType="grow" variant="outline" :timeout="2000">Submit</CLoadingButton>
<CLoadingButton color="warning" spinnerType="grow" variant="ghost" :timeout="2000">Submit</CLoadingButton>



import { CLoadingButton } from '@coreui/vue-pro'
// or
import CLoadingButton from '@coreui/vue-pro/src/components/loading-button/CLoadingButton'


Prop nameDescriptionTypeValuesDefault
disabled-on-loadingMakes button disabled when loading.boolean--
loadingLoading state (set to true to start animation).boolean-false
spinner-typeSets type of spinner.
@default 'border'
string'border', 'grow''border'
timeoutAutomatically starts loading animation and stops after a determined amount of milliseconds.number--


Event nameDescriptionProperties
clickEvent called when the user clicks on a component.