React Progress Basic example

Progress components are built with two HTML elements, some CSS to set the width, and a few attributes. We don'tuse the HTML5 <progress> element, ensuring you can stack progress bars, animate them, and place text labels over them.

React Progress Labels

Add labels to your progress bars by placing text within the <CProgressBar>.

React Progress Height

We only set a height value on the <CProgress>, so if you change that value the inner <CProgressBar> will automatically resize accordingly.

React Progress Backgrounds

Use color prop to change the appearance of individual progress bars.

React Progress Multiple bars

Include multiple progress bars in a progress component if you need.

React Progress Striped

Add variant="striped" to any <CProgressBar> to apply a stripe via CSS gradient over the progress bar's background color.

React Progress Animated stripes

The striped gradient can also be animated. Add animated property to <CProgressBar> to animate the stripes right to left via CSS3 animations.