CoreUI PRO Admin Template is delivered with the DataTables plugin. DataTables is a plug-in for the Javascript library. It is a highly flexible tool, built upon the foundations of progressive enhancement, that adds all of these advanced features to any HTML table.

For more information please visit the official DataTables documentation.
Username Date registered Role Status Actions
Anton Phunihel 2012/01/01 Member Active
Alphonse Ivo 2012/01/01 Member Active
Thancmar Theophanes 2012/01/01 Member Active
Walerian Khwaja 2012/01/01 Member Active
Clemens Janko 2012/02/01 Staff Banned
Chidubem Gottlob 2012/02/01 Staff Banned
Hristofor Sergio 2012/03/01 Member Pending
Tadhg Griogair 2012/03/01 Member Pending
Pollux Beaumont 2012/01/21 Staff Active
Adam Alister 2012/01/21 Staff Active
Carlito Roffe 2012/08/23 Staff Banned
Sana Amrin 2012/08/23 Staff Banned
Adinah Ralph 2012/06/01 Admin Inactive
Dederick Mihail 2012/06/01 Admin Inactive
Hipólito András 2012/03/01 Member Pending
Fricis Arieh 2012/03/01 Member Pending
Scottie Maximilian 2012/03/01 Member Pending
Bao Gaspar 2012/01/01 Member Active
Tullio Luka 2012/02/01 Staff Banned
Felice Arseniy 2012/02/01 Admin Inactive
Finlay Alf 2012/02/01 Admin Inactive
Theophilus Nala 2012/03/01 Member Pending
Sullivan Robert 2012/03/01 Member Pending
Kristóf Filiberto 2012/01/21 Staff Active
Kuzma Edvard 2012/01/21 Staff Active
Bünyamin Kasper 2012/08/23 Staff Banned
Crofton Arran 2012/08/23 Staff Banned
Bernhard Shelah 2012/06/01 Admin Inactive
Grahame Miodrag 2012/03/01 Member Pending
Innokentiy Celio 2012/03/01 Member Pending
Kostandin Warinhari 2012/03/01 Member Pending
Ajith Hristijan 2012/03/01 Member Pending