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Quickly customize CoreUI for React with built-in variables to easily toggle global CSS preferences for controlling style and behavior.

Customize CoreUI for React with our built-in custom variables file and easily toggle global CSS preferences with new $enable-* Sass variables. Override a variable's value and recompile with npm run test as needed.

You can find and customize these variables for key global options in CoreUI's @coreui/coreui/scss/_variables.scss file.

$spacer1rem (default), or any value > 0Specifies the default spacer value to programmatically generate our spacer utilities.
$enable-roundedtrue (default) or falseEnables predefined border-radius styles on various components.
$enable-shadowstrue or false (default)Enables predefined decorative box-shadow styles on various components. Does not affect box-shadows used for focus states.
$enable-gradientstrue or false (default)Enables predefined gradients via background-image styles on various components.
$enable-transitionstrue (default) or falseEnables predefined transitions on various components.
$enable-reduced-motiontrue (default) or falseEnables the prefers-reduced-motion media query, which suppresses certain animations/transitions based on the users' browser/operating system preferences.
$enable-grid-classestrue (default) or falseEnables the generation of CSS classes for the grid system (e.g. .row, .col-md-1, etc.).
$enable-container-classestrue (default) or falseEnables the generation of CSS classes for layout containers. (New in v4.2.0)
$enable-carettrue (default) or falseEnables pseudo element caret on .dropdown-toggle.
$enable-button-pointerstrue (default) or falseAdd "hand" cursor to non-disabled button elements.
$enable-rfstrue (default) or falseGlobally enables RFS.
$enable-validation-iconstrue (default) or falseEnables background-image icons within textual inputs and some custom forms for validation states.
$enable-negative-marginstrue or false (default)Enables the generation of negative margin utilities.
$enable-deprecation-messagestrue (default) or falseSet to false to hide warnings when using any of the deprecated mixins and functions that are planned to be removed in v6.
$enable-important-utilitiestrue (default) or falseEnables the !important suffix in utility classes.
$enable-smooth-scrolltrue (default) or falseApplies scroll-behavior: smooth globally, except for users asking for reduced motion through prefers-reduced-motion media query
$enable-ltrfalse or false (default)Enables Left-to-Right
$enable-rtltrue (default) or falseEnables Right-to-Left
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