Support CoreUI Development

CoreUI is an MIT-licensed open source project and is completely free to use. However, the amount of effort needed to maintain and develop new features for the project is not sustainable without proper financial backing.

You can support our Open Source software development in the following ways:

  • Buy the CoreUI PRO, and get access to PRO components, and dedicated support.
  • Became a sponsor, and get your logo on files or each site of this documentation
  • Give us a star ⭐️ on Github.

Download react templates

Download CoreUI React Admin Templates to get the source code that lets you customize and create your react-based application.

Source files#

Compile CoreUI React Admin with your own asset pipeline by downloading our source Sass, and JavaScript files. This option requires some additional tooling:

  • Create React App
  • React, React Dom, React Router
  • Redux
  • Sass compiler for compiling your CSS.

PRO Templates#

If you have a valid PRO license you can re-download on our website. In case if your license has been expired, or you don't have a PRO license please visit our website to buy one.

Download PRO  Buy PRO

Clone repo#

You can also fork CoreUI React Admin Template's repository.

1git clone my-project

If you have a valid Enterprise subscription you can fork CoreUI PRO Bootstrap Admin Template's repository.

1git clone my-project