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Bootstrap Footer

Bootstrap Footer is an additional navigation used for displaying general information that a user might want to access from any page within your site. It is a place to display boilerplate text about the site, company info, copyrights, links to a contact form, sitemap, FAQ and other such resources.

How it works

Here’s what you need to know before getting started with the aside menu:

  • Bootstrap footer requires a wrapping .footer.


<footer class="footer">
    <a href="https://coreui.io">CoreUI</a>
    <span>&copy; 2021 creativeLabs.</span>
    <span>Powered by</span>
    <a href="https://coreui.io">CoreUI</a>




$footer-min-height:    3rem;
$footer-padding-y:     $spacer * .5;
$footer-padding-x:     $spacer;
$footer-bg:            $gray-100;
$footer-color:         $body-color;
$footer-border-width:  1px;
$footer-border-color:  $border-color;

CSS Vars