# Form components

# Usage


# Features

  • All-in-one form components.
  • Components share similar API and functionalities.
  • Use as basic or advanced customized inputs.

# Shared props and slots

Form components are sharing similar functionality, so you can remember their API and functionalities easily.

Html attributes passed to the form components are passed to the input, not wrapper (overridden default component behavior). If the HTML attribute is not mentioned as a prop, it means that it has default HTML behavior.

Besides the mentioned events, you can use base Vue listeners for event handling.

# CInput and CTextarea API

+ Shared props and slots

# CInputCheckbox and CInputRadio API

These components share similar props, but they differ in managing state, which is described in 'checked' prop description.

For multiple CInputRadio's, additionally to props, use 'name' HTML attribute accordingly, like in the example below. + Shared props and slots

# CInputRadioGroup API

Component used for CInputRadio components grouping.

# CSelect API

+ Shared props and slots

# CInputFile API

+ Shared props and slots

# CForm API

Simple 'form' tag wrapper component