# Table

# Usage


More examples at CoreUI admin template

# Features

All features are optional:

  • Filter items by one or all columns,
  • Sort items by column,
  • Integrated with CPagination component by default,
  • Customize style of specific rows, columns and cells,
  • Customize display of columns (headers, filter, and items separately) by scoped slots,
  • Load with initial filters and sorter state,
  • Loading state visualization,
  • Default header labels generation based on column names

# CDataTable API

# Custom data structures and filtering/sorting

If your items consist of data types other than string/numbers they need to be converted, otherwise sorting and filtering will not work correctly.

Custom filtering (filtering not based on simple string comparison) need to be done outside of the component as in example below.

The following example shows an example of custom items data structure conversion and custom user defined filtering.