# Template components

Base template components that you can use to build your app. Here (opens new window) you can watch these components demo in the real app.

Sidebar template components are described here

# Header components

# CHeader API

Header with CoreUI styles

# CHeaderBrand API

Simple wrapper component that inherits CLink component functionalities, when 'to' or 'href' prop with link is passed.

# Header simple wrapper components

Wrapper components with CoreUI sidebar styling:

  • CHeaderNav - used for grouping header items,
  • CHeaderNavItem - used as header unit,
  • CHeaderNavLink - used as header item link (with CLink props),
  • CSubheader - used for grouping subheader (if you want to use subheader pass withSubheader prop to CHeader),

# CFooter API

Footer with CoreUI styles

# CWrapper API

Wrapper for template components with CoreUI styles