# Introduction

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A @coreui/vue v3 components library project

# Over 90 bootstrap based Vue.js components and directives!

Check out demo of components usage: CoreUI Vue Admin Template » (opens new window)

# Installation

Before installation you need to install node and npm (opens new window) on your machine.

npm install @coreui/vue

# Styling

Components are styled using @coreui/coreui CSS library, but you can use them also with bootstrap CSS library. That is possible because @coreui/coreui library is compatible with bootstrap, it just extends its functionalities. The only exception is custom CoreUI components, which don't exist in the Bootstrap ecosystem (template components, callout, switch).

Styles have to be imported separately! Import CoreUI (opens new window) CSS library (recommended), or Bootstrap (opens new window) library


npm install @coreui/coreui

Basic usage:

@import "~@coreui/coreui/scss/coreui";

# Registering components

// Installing whole package
import CoreuiVue from '@coreui/vue';

// Registering a single component
import { CSwitch, CButton } from '@coreui/vue';

// globally
Vue.component('CButton', CButton)

export default {
  // locally
  components: {

# Registering directives

// Registering single directives
import { CEmitRootEvent, CTooltip } from '@coreui/vue';

// globally
Vue.directive('c-emit-root-event', CEmitRootEvent)

export default {
  // locally
  directives: {
    'c-tooltip': CTooltip

# Optimization

Components are imported from CommonJS module by default, if you want to use only specific components you can import them from source to enable treeshaking.

// Import components this way to allow tree shaking
import { CDataTable } from '@coreui/vue/src';

# Code autocompletion

If you are using VS Code (opens new window) editor with Vetur plugin installed, then the editor would display hints for our library (component names and prop names).

# Changelog

See the GitHub release history (opens new window).

# Contributing

See CONTRIBUTING.md (opens new window).

# Credits

Some design ideas and solutions in this library are inspired by Bootstrap-Vue library (opens new window)