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CoreUI is a leader in providing developers with high-quality, open-source UI components and templates to accelerate the development of modern applications. By sponsoring CoreUI, you contribute to the advancement of open web technologies and support our mission to offer these resources for free to developers worldwide.

Our Mission

At CoreUI, our goal is to significantly reduce development time by offering developers high-quality, open-source tools at no cost. We aim to provide resources that enable developers and companies of all sizes to deploy advanced software solutions efficiently.

By the Numbers

Our impact is clear and substantial:

Our Projects

We actively maintain a diverse array of projects designed to support developers with reliable tools:

Why Sponsor CoreUI?

Sponsoring CoreUI directly supports the development of tools that are integral to modern software projects. It ensures these resources continue to be available and maintained, helping your business and the wider developer community maintain a competitive edge through high-quality, accessible resources.

The Need for Your Support

Our combination of free and PRO versions underpins our ability to employ a full-time team dedicated to maintaining and enhancing our offerings. Sponsorship from industry leaders like you enables us to continue providing these essential tools at no cost, fostering a more resourceful development community.

Sponsorship Benefits

How to Become a Sponsor

  1. You can become a sponsor through Open Collective. Fill out our sponsorship form here.
  2. Choose a sponsorship level that suits your company’s goals.
  3. Join our network of supporters committed to maintaining robust development tools.

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To learn more about how sponsorship can benefit your organization, please reach out to us at [email protected]. Let’s discuss how we can work together to sustain and enhance these vital resources.