Laravel rockz?

You’ve been asking us to introduce CoreUI for #Laravel and as you know – your wish is our command 😉, so here it is: You can check both Free and PRO versions. What’s inside? Saying a bunch of responsive, customizable, and reusable components you need to create modern, beautiful, responsive apps is saying (almost) nothing.


Laravel enables expressive and elegant syntax – freeing programmers to create without sweating the small things. It’s popularity among PHP frameworks has instantly blown, becoming the most Googled framework in the last two years. You may ask why? Nice logo and the sexy name isn’t just enough… But these advantages seem to be the most significant: built-in authentication, blade templates system, eloquent model, documentation, laracasts, artisan, and last but not least – simplicity, which denotes beautifully crafted code. Did we miss something? 😊

CoreUI #Laravel

Having in mind above, there’s no wonder that we need to create Laravel CoreUI – a CoreUI integration with one of the most popular PHP frameworks. We’ve listed advantages few verses earlier, but you may ask – what do I get from that? The answer is easy: TIME. Thanks to CoreUI Laravel you can significantly shorten the time needed for recurrent stuff, which must be done when a new project has just started. Don’t waste your time on unnecessary things cause artisan will do it for you – so you can focus on the core project.

It’s worth to mention that along with the CoreUI Laravel you get not only an integration, but also useful samples. To make it even easier for you, we’ve equipped our integration with the built-in mechanism, which lets you create a sidebar based on the data stored in your database. Our solution helps you to manage different menu versions assigned to the users. CoreUI comes from Poland that’s why apart of the English exemplary usage you can find Polish language (are you ready to Polish your English 😉). But it’s worth to mention that PRO version has an internationalization for any language you might need. Can you imagine something sexier than this? It would be hard to answer, so just to tease you… Laravel Vue.js CoreUI !!! Eager to know more? Let us know.

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