Bootstrap v5 arrived – even though it’s alpha, we’re eager to get more

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We bet you all know the Buggles’ song:

Almost every week last years we’ve heard that jQuery is slowly going into nowhere, when e.g. Vue.js is striving it’s way to popularity. So is the story with the Buggles’ song “Video killed the radio star”, where title seems to tell everything. Latest Bootstrap Blog: seems to be the final conformation for Jquery – bolded text tells everything: “Bootstrap no longer depends on jQuery”.

And you know what? CoreUI did the same almost year ago. It’s good to know that we’re in a good company – what’s even more sexy is that we did it first 😊


jQuery’s time of glory has ended and being honest, in 2019, all unique functionality that jQuery has been providing can be simply implemented with plain JavaScript. Cross-browser compatibility is not a sore spot now as the browser support for JavaScript is more consistent than ever before. Of course one might say that jQuery is a “must be” when operating with Internet Explorer, but being honest – who’s using IE now? Do you know anyone? Official record says it’s 4-5% and the number is going low. Maybe because of that reason Bootstrap Team announced that along with v5 “we’ve dropped support for Internet Explorer”.


You probably thought that we’ll write here – we did the same a year ago… NOPE! CoreUI still supports Internet Explorer. Moreover, within CoreUI package you’ll get polyfills. There is a lot of different browsers (yes, among them still IE), each one has a slightly different set of features to the rest. This can make developing for browsers a difficult task. The latest versions of the popular browsers can do lots of things which older browsers can not – but you may still have to support the older browsers. Thanks to CoreUI polyfills you get support for different browsers by attempting to recreate the missing features with polyfills.

Is that all?

We could also quote some of the latest CoreUI reviews like e.g. 27 Best Free Bootstrap Admin Templates 2020 by Joe Fylan. In June 2020 he stated that “Whatever type of project you’re working on, there’s a good chance the free CoreUI template could be a good match. Not only does CoreUI work with a wide variety of libraries, including Laravel, Angular, and React, but is also has a thoroughly modern design and appearance. (…)The library of components that ship with CoreUI is another good reason to check out this user interface builder. Thanks to these components, you can easily add a range of buttons, card styles, forms, switches, and tabs to your custom user interfaces. Font Awesome Icons, as well as Simple Line Icons integrations, mean you’re never short of options for adding this type of graphics to your dashboards.”

We’ve started this text with the latest Bootstrap v5 alpha blog post, so it’ll be good to finish where they started 😉 Kool & The Gang “Celebrate”

Stay tuned, stay safe and let us know what you think.

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