Vue.js Forge 3

Vue.js Forge 3
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As developers, we are constantly in search of new and exciting challenges to put our skills into practice. If you’ve been waiting for a challenge like that, then we’ve got some exciting news for you!

Vue School announced Vue.js Forge Episode 3!

Vue.js Forge is a hands-on, live coding online conference designed to deepen your knowledge of the Vue.js ecosystem and expose you to new and exciting tools and libraries rising in the ecosystem.

It’s all happening May 3-4!

Episodes 1 and 2 have given the opportunity to the Vue.js community to use ecosystem tools and build a Trello clone and a full E-Commerce site from scratch, guided by community experts and supported by mentors. Can you guess what this year’s challenge is going to be?

Drum roll…

At Vue.js Forge Episode 3 you will build an AI Social media generator!

In the upcoming Vue.js Forge event we’ll build an AI-powered Social Media Post Generator with a simple, yet robust AI customer service chatbot. Generate tweets and Facebook posts simply by providing the URL to an article. Plus generate images to make the posts extra catchy! Learn how to interact with Open AI’s Chat API (think ChatGPT) all within the context of a Vue application. Train it to respond based on your specifications, give it the context of a chat thread and get creative integrating for special use cases.

Episode 3 promises another thrilling challenge of building a state-of-the-art AI application with live coding sessions guided by Daniel Roe, Daniel Kelly, Boudy de Geer and other industry leaders Episode 3 comes with the largest Mighty Bites Program to date, covering topics like Performance, Accessibility, Nuxt 3, Pinia, Vue 3 Function Refs, Laravel, and FormKit.

This online conference is 100% FREE to attend!

Ready to team up with thousands of fellow Vue.js coders to build and learn together?

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