CoreUI PRO for Vue v5.0.0-rc.3

CoreUI PRO for Vue v5.0.0-rc.3

We’re thrilled to unveil CoreUI PRO for Vue v5.0.0-rc.3, officially released on March 23, 2024. This update brings critical enhancements and fixes to the CoreUI PRO Vue component library, emphasizing our commitment to improving functionality, usability, and the development experience. Along with these refinements, we’ve rigorously updated various dependencies to ensure our framework operates at peak efficiency, adhering to the latest standards in web development.

What’s New


  • Color Handling Improvements: We’ve fine-tuned the background and text color management in CBadge and CCard components. These changes offer developers more control over component aesthetics, ensuring accessibility and consistency across applications.


  • TypeScript Compatibility: Addressed a TypeScript warning “Argument of type ‘string | undefined’ is not assignable to type ‘string’ parameter, " simplifying the development process by ensuring type definitions are clear and concise.

Dependency Updates

To maintain the highest standards of quality and performance, we’ve upgraded a host of dependencies:

  • Updated @coreui/coreui-pro from ^5.0.0-rc.2 to ^5.0.0-rc-2
  • Updated @rollup/plugin-typescript from ^11.1.5 to ^11.1.6
  • Updated @types/jest from ^29.5.11 to ^29.5.12
  • Updated @typescript-eslint/eslint-plugin from ^7.1.1 to ^7.3.1
  • Updated @typescript-eslint/parser from ^7.1.1 to ^7.3.1
  • Updated @vue/test-utils from ^2.4.3 to ^2.4.5
  • Updated eslint-plugin-vue from ^9.22.0 to ^9.23.0
  • Updated rollup from ^4.9.2 to ^4.13.0
  • Updated ts-jest from ^29.1.1 to ^29.1.2
  • Updated typescript from ^5.3.3 to ^5.4.3
  • Updated vue from ^3.4.3 to ^3.4.21
  • Updated vue-docgen-cli from ^4.67.0 to ^4.78.0

CoreUI PRO for Vue v5.0.0-rc.3 is designed to help developers create dynamic, responsive, and visually striking web applications more efficiently than ever.

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