Genius Bootstrap Admin Template

Genius Bootstrap Admin Template
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We introduced our Genius Bootstrap Admin Template. But does the name oblige? If we look at some of the features like Bootstrap 3.0.0, write with LESS and almost 1500 icon (among them Glyphicons PRO), you can easily say that Genius Bootstrap can be(come) Einstein in the world of Bootstrap templates.

Bootstrapmaster (GenesisUI) introduced 15th design in its Bootstrap Themes portfolio. Genius Bootstrap Admin Template is based on the latest Bootstrap 3.0.0, that has been created in accordance to “mobile first” idea – the 2.x grid has been completely rethought in an effort to achieve it. Just to mention, that from Bootstrap 2.3.2 to 3.0 there were over 1,700 commits, 77,000 additions/deletions and 370 changed files. – But these are only numbers, the most important in every Bootstrap is user’s experience – says Luke Holeczek, chief designer at Bootstrapmaster (GenesisUI) – that’s why in Genius Bootstrap Admin Template we’ve implemented more than 1341 icons, among them Glyphicons PRO. The total cost only for these glyphicons would be 59$ and in Bootstrapmaster’s (GenesisUI’s) newest theme they’re included for free.

Genius Bootstrap Admin Template, as all other „elder brothers and sisters” in our portfolio, incorporates Flat and fully Responsive Design. These features make the template tailored to the latest Retina and other high resolutions screens. – We let yous to focus on things you do the best – adds Holeczek – that’s why you don’t need to bother about eg Inbox, Invoice, To Do & Timeline, Profile, Pricing Tables, 404, 500, LockScreen. They’re all predefined in Genius Bootstrap Admin Template.

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Genius Bootstrap Template key features:

  • Based on Bootstrap 3.0.0
  • Write with LESS
  • Responsive Design
  • More than 1341 icons (inclusive Glyphicons PRO, worth $59 -
  • Flat Design
  • Predefined pages: Inbox, Invoice, ToDo & Timeline, Profile, Pricing Tables, 404, 500, LockScreen
  • More than 30 plugins included.
  • Retina & High res screens ready.
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