Available Vue Themes

CoreUI Free Vue Admin Panel Template is delivered with one admin theme, but more admin themes are available in the PRO version.

Free Vue Admin Template

Default theme
Free Vue Admin Template Default

Premium Vue Dashboard Template

Default theme v3
Vue Admin Template Default v3

Premium Vue Dashboard Template

Light theme v3
Vue Admin Template Light v3

Premium Vue Dashboard Template

Default theme
Vue Admin Template

Premium Vue Dashboard Template

Light theme
Vue Admin Template

Vue Dashboard Template

Dark theme
Vue Admin Template


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Our Free Vue Admin Dashboard is the fastest way to build modern admin site or dashboard for any browser or device.

Bootstrap 5 & Vue Free Admin Template is constantly developed and maintained by our team. The template is always optimized to load faster and deliver better user experience because we want to help you build profitable and scalable business. Our templates are designed by designers and coded by developers, so they offer great design and high quality clean code. We also use SASS preprocessor for CSS and Webpack (Angular, Bootstrap, React.js version) for managing and automating the asset pipeline.

Our premium admin dashboard helps you maximize your productivity. Our admin template allows you to accelerate you development process and save hundreds of dollars.

Based on CoreUI UI Components library

CoreUI Free Admin Panel is not another blend of 3rd parties free components and libraries. It's the only Vue Admin Dashboard Template built on the enterprise-grade hand-crafted UI Components Library created and backed by professionals. CoreUI helps you build reliable web apps faster than before.


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  • Based on Bootstrap 5
  • Based on Vue 3
  • Fully responsive layout
  • W3C Validated HTML Pages
  • Light-Weight Code
  • Easy to Customize with SCSS Variables

CoreUI Vue Templates supports most popular frameworks

Learn more about dedicated admin dashboard templates for Angular, Bootstrap, and React framework.

How does CoreUI Free Dashboard Template cut development time?

CoreUI Free Vue Admin Templates delivers everything you need to build modern, beautiful, responsive apps.

Reduce Your Time to Market

Save thousands of development hours by using ready-made, reusable, and commonly used widgets and UI components. Moreover, CoreUI Vue Admin Theme is delivered with a ready-to-use environment, so you don't have to waste time configuring the project. All build scripts and tools are ready to use out of the box. With CoreUI Template you can start a new project in a minute!

Responsive, Mobile & Cross-Browser Compatibility

Handle all the specific browser, device, and OS issues take an awful lot of time, which takes you away from your main goal. CoreUI's responsive components save you let you save thousands of dollars on cross browsers tests. Give your users a seamless experience by delivering apps that works on all major devices, browsers, and operating systems.

Open source with Enterprise level of support

CoreUI Free Bootstrap 5 & Vue Admin Template originates from open-source, but we are a professional team, working full time to make our products perfect in every detail. Usage of open-source products distributed by a professional company gives you advantages of both open-source and commercial products (maintenance, paid professional support, and additional features).

Easy to use

UI Components and Widgets are written with readability in mind, they are comparatively short and easy to understand, so reading them is not a pain in your ass. This one is useful if you really want to understand the component by reading it or making changes. The same this makes the library a good foundation on which you can easily make your own components library.

No design skills required

CoreUI Free Vue Panel Template is based on CoreUI Components Library with beautifully handcrafted UI Components designed by team of our experienced designers. You don't have to be a designer to create beautiful responsive apps.


Project specification
  • Bootstrap5.x
  • Vue3.x
  • CoreUI for Vue4.3
  • Version4.3
  • Right-to-leftYes
  • ReleasedAug 16, 2017
  • UpdatedNov 01, 2021
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