Quo Vadis Vue.js

Quo Vadis Vue.js
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You’ve probably seen CoreUI’s Vue Admin Dashboard Template & UI Components Library. If not, apart our hearts are broken, here’s a link: https://coreui.io/vue/ ;)

We can see, that many of you’re asking about Vue.js tools designed by CoreUI. You like our “keep it simple” approach and Vue.js 3 full compatibility, which fuels our work.

That’s why we’re proud that we can work with people who has the same “state of mind”. Vueschool.io Team – yes, you’re right, it’s them :)

You probably know that Vue School is organizing the first 100% FREE Vue.js conference! 🔥

Sounds interesting? So get ready on the 26th and 27th of January, and join LIVE at The Vue.js Nation Conference 2022!

→ Reserve your seat now

It’s worth to hear and talk with those, who fuel Vue.js World. So you can see e.g. Evan You, Sebastien Chopin and… OUR ONE AND ONLY, CoreUI’s Proud Founder – Lukasz Holeczek 🔥 🔥 🔥

Get exclusive access to the most recent developments with the state of Vue.js presented to you by the most expert community leaders. 🚀

The Vue.js Nation conference will gather Vue enthusiasts around the world to showcase some of the most exciting features and changes within the Vue.js framework and its ecosystem! Join them in learning more about:

  • The new Vue.js 3 docs
  • Nuxt 3
  • State of Vue School 2022
  • Unit and End to End Testing
  • Migrating from Vue CLI to Vite
  • State management with Pinia
  • Building an Open Source Project from the ground up
  • VeeValidate
  • Quasar
  • Error Monitoring
  • XState management
  • and much more!

Interact LIVE with your favorite Vue.js ecosystem experts such as Evan You, Maya Shavin, Eduardo San Martin Morote, Daniel Roe, Filip Rakowski, Łukasz Holeczek and other community experts in the Q&A session after their presentations!

Vue School is offering this educational event to the amazing Vue.js audience free of charge, which means that you will attend 17+ expert talks for FREE during both days! 🙌

You can reserve your free ticket here → https://vuejsnation.com/

See you there!

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