CoreUI & Vue.js Forge… cause 1 is just not enough!

CoreUI & Vue.js Forge… cause 1 is just not enough!
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If you were thinking on new and exciting ways to learn Vue and get that hands-on Vue.js experience – there’s another great chance to join the biggest Vue.js community.

Vue School is hosting the 2nd edition of the largest hands-on Vue.js event ever - Vue.js Forge - on 30th & 31st of August. 🔥 CoreUI is a proud community partner for the whole event.

Vue.js Forge is a hackathon-style event where you’ll team up with thousands of Vue.js developers from around the world to build a full e-commerce store. 🚀

During the event you’ll get to work with tools and libraries from the Vue.js ecosystem including Pinia, Vue Router, Vite and more!

What are the benefits to join? (apart of using awesome CoreUI Vue.js Component Library ;) :

  • Gain hands-on coding experience building a real-world project
  • Chat, connect and solve problems with developers from around the world
  • Learn to use Deskree to generate a scalable back-end infrastructure with tons of features via a simple web interface
  • Watch top-notch experts and discover new approaches to building e-commerce stores
  • Add an amazing addition to your portfolio that will help you land that Vue.js job position

Experts from the Vue.js community including Alex Kyriakids, Daniel Kelly, Eduardo San Martin Morote and others will join this event to provide guidance to help you easily build your own e-commerce store.

Vue School with CoreUI is giving everyone the opportunity to sign up for this event FREE of charge – it cannot be easier so reserve your free ticket! 🔥

See you soon and see you there!

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