CoreUI PRO v5.2.1

CoreUI PRO v5.2.1

We are pleased to announce the release of CoreUI PRO v5.2.1, dated June 24, 2024. This minor update focuses on improving the event handling for several key components.

How to Update

To update your project to CoreUI PRO v5.2.1, follow these steps:

  1. Open your project’s package.json.
  2. Locate the @coreui/coreui-pro entry under dependencies and update the version number to 5.2.1.
  3. Save the changes to your package.json file.
  4. In your project’s root directory, run the update command appropriate for your package manager:
    • For npm users, execute npm install.
    • For yarn users, execute yarn install.

What’s New


  • CDatePicker, CDateRangePicker, CTimePicker: Improved event handling to enhance user interaction and component performance.

For a detailed exploration of all the enhancements, fixes, and updates introduced in this version, please refer to the full changelog on GitHub.

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