CoreUI v5.0.0-beta.1

CoreUI v5.0.0-beta.1

In the latest update, we’ve enhanced sidebar functionality and addressed specific styling issues to improve the user interface and experience. This includes making .sidebar-overlaid hidden by default to streamline appearance, forcefully hiding the sidebar in narrow mode with !important, adjusting padding values for better usability in compact and narrow modes, and updating the z-index for .sidebar-overlaid to ensure proper layering. Our refinements focus on ensuring consistent behavior and a more intuitive navigation layout.


  • (Sidebar): make .sidebar-overlaid hidden as default
  • (Sidebar): add !important to force hiding element when the sidebar is in narrow mode.


  • (Sidebar): set proper value for $sidebar-compact-nav-link-padding-y and $sidebar-narrow-nav-link-padding-x
  • (Sidebar): add proper z-index to .sidebar-overlaid

For a comprehensive list of changes in this update, visit the full changelog on GitHub

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