CoreUI PRO v5.0.0-rc.2

CoreUI PRO v5.0.0-rc.2

We’re excited to announce the release of version 5.0.0-rc.2, available as of February 29, 2024. This update marks a significant milestone, introducing a range of changes and improvements. A new Bootstrap theme enhances customization options and modernizes project aesthetics. The update to Bootstrap 5.3.3 brings new functionalities and fixes. We’ve also significantly bolstered support for Right-to-Left (RTL) text direction, aiding the development of applications for international markets. Dependency updates, including @babel/core, eslint, and sass, have been made to ensure better performance and security for applications. These changes reflect our commitment to providing developers with flexible, up-to-date tools that adhere to the latest standards and practices in software development.

How to update

This release introduces no breaking changes. To update your project to this version, please follow these steps:

  1. Open your package.json file.
  2. Locate the @coreui/coreui-pro entry under dependencies.
  3. Update the version number to 5.0.0-rc.2.
  4. Save the changes to your package.json file.
  5. To apply the update, run one of the following commands in your project’s root directory, depending on your package manager:
    • If you are using npm, execute npm install.
    • If you are using yarn, execute yarn install.

These steps will ensure your project is updated to the latest release version of @coreui/coreui-pro without any breaking changes.

What’s new in release v5.0.0-rc.2

Discover the updates and improvements in @coreui/coreui-pro version 5.0.0-rc.2, including enhanced features, bug fixes, and performance optimizations designed to elevate your project’s user interface and experience.


  • Made CoreUI 100% compatible with Bootstrap, supporting data attributes and styles.
  • Introduced CTimePicker to allow setting custom hours, minutes, and seconds.


  • Updated to the latest version of Bootstrap (v5.3.3).
  • Improved RTL support.
  • Updated Badges to use .text-bg-* text utilities, ensuring readability across light and dark modes.
  • Clarified color schemes in the documentation, specifying that color-scheme() only accepts light and dark values.
  • Dropped evenly distributed items in modal and offcanvas headers for a cleaner look.
  • Enhanced sanitizer to allow <dl>, <dt>, and <dd> elements.


  • Addressed a breaking change with color modes, eliminating the need to manually import variables-dark.scss for Sass builds.
  • Fixed a regression in the selector engine that affected handling of multiple IDs.
  • Resolved inheritance issues when nesting accordions by adjusting CSS selectors.
  • Improved focus box-shadow for validation state form controls.
  • Corrected the focus ring on focused checked buttons.
  • Fixed the mobile navbar toggler in the product example for better responsiveness.


  • Updated @babel/cli from ^7.23.4 to ^7.23.9.
  • Updated @babel/core from ^7.23.3 to ^7.24.0.
  • Updated @babel/preset-env from ^7.23.3 to ^7.24.0.
  • Updated autoprefixer from ^10.4.16 to ^10.4.17.
  • Updated bootstrap from ^5.3.2 to ^5.3.3.
  • Updated clean-css-cli from ^5.6.2 to ^5.6.3.
  • Updated eslint from ^8.54.0 to ^8.57.0.
  • Updated eslint-config-xo from ^0.43.1 to ^0.44.0.
  • Updated eslint-plugin-html from ^7.1.0 to ^8.0.0.
  • Updated eslint-plugin-import from ^2.29.0 to ^2.29.1.
  • Updated eslint-plugin-unicorn from ^49.0.0 to ^51.0.1.
  • Updated hugo-bin from ^0.116.4 to ^0.120.6.
  • Updated ip from ^2.0.0 to ^2.0.1.
  • Updated jasmine from ^4.6.0 to ^5.1.0.
  • Updated karma from ^6.4.2 to ^6.4.3.
  • Updated lockfile-lint from ^4.12.1 to ^4.13.2.
  • Updated nodemon from ^3.0.1 to ^3.1.0.
  • Updated postcss from ^8.4.31 to ^8.4.35.
  • Updated postcss-cli from ^10.1.0 to ^11.0.0.
  • Updated rollup from ^4.5.2 to ^4.12.0.
  • Updated sass from ^1.69.5 to ^1.71.1.
  • Updated sass-true from ^7.0.0 to ^7.0.1
  • Updated stylelint from ^15.11.0 to ^16.2.1
  • Updated stylelint-config-twbs-bootstrap from ^11.0.1 to ^14.0.0
  • Updated terser from 5.24.0 to 5.28.1

For a comprehensive list of changes in this update, visit the full changelog on GitHub

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