CoreUI PRO v5.1.0

CoreUI PRO v5.1.0

We are excited to announce the release of CoreUI PRO v5.1.0 on May 7, 2024. This update brings new features, significant improvements, and a range of fixes to enhance the functionality and user experience of our professional toolkit. This version also includes updates to the documentation and build process, ensuring that CoreUI PRO remains a leader in the UI component library space.

How to Update

To upgrade to CoreUI PRO v5.1.0, follow these steps:

  1. Open your project’s package.json.
  2. Locate the @coreui/coreui-pro entry under dependencies.
  3. Update the version number to 5.1.0.
  4. Save the changes to your package.json file.
  5. In your project’s root directory, execute the update command:
    • For npm users, run npm install.
    • For yarn users, run yarn install.

Improvements and Fixes

New Features

  • Rating Component: Introduced the new Star Rating component, adding a user-friendly option for collecting user feedback directly within your applications.


  • Component Type Improvements: Enhanced the default types for TimePicker, DatePicker, DateRangePicker, MultiSelect, and Calendar to improve usability and reduce type-related errors.


  • TimePicker Documentation: Updated and expanded the options documentation for TimePicker to include comprehensive examples and usage guidelines.

Build Enhancements

  • ESLint Configuration: Updated the ESLint configuration to reflect the latest development standards, ensuring cleaner and more reliable code.

Dependency Updates

This release includes numerous updates to dependencies to enhance security, performance, and compatibility:

  • Updated @babel/cli from ^7.24.1 to ^7.24.5
  • Updated @babel/core from ^7.24.3 to ^7.24.5
  • Updated @babel/preset-env from ^7.24.3 to ^7.24.5
  • Updated eslint-config-xo from ^0.44.0 to ^0.45.0
  • Updated eslint-plugin-html from ^8.0.0 to ^8.1.1
  • Updated eslint-plugin-markdown from ^4.0.1 to ^5.0.0
  • Updated eslint-plugin-unicorn from ^51.0.1 to ^52.0.0
  • Updated find-unused-sass-variables from ^5.0.0 to ^6.0.0
  • Updated hugo-bin from ^0.121.1 to ^0.122.7
  • Updated rollup from ^4.13.1 to ^4.17.2
  • Updated sass from ^1.72.0 to ^1.76.0
  • Updated stylelint from ^16.3.1 to ^16.5.0
  • Updated stylelint-config-twbs-bootstrap from ^14.0.0 to ^14.1.0
  • Updated terser from 5.30.0 to 5.31.0

CoreUI PRO v5.1.0 is designed to support developers in creating sophisticated, high-performance web applications. With these updates, CoreUI PRO continues to provide an exceptional toolkit that caters to the needs of modern web development.

For a detailed overview of all enhancements, fixes, and updates introduced in this version, please refer to the full changelog on GitHub.

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