React v18.0 – finally is of legal age?

It’s almost a month after official presentation on npm, so it’s we’re ready to roll with our remarks on the latest React version. As you know, CoreUI Admin Panel is not another blend of 3rd parties’ free components and libraries. It’s the only Open-Source React Admin Dashboard Template built on the enterprise-grade hand-crafted React UI Components Library. That’s why we’ve waited patiently for React v18.0, to materialize it e.g. here

Quo Vadis Vue.js

You’ve probably seen CoreUI’s Vue Admin Dashboard Template & UI Components Library. If not, apart our hearts are broken, here’s a link: ;)

We can see, that many of you’re asking about Vue.js tools designed by CoreUI. You like our “keep it simple” approach and Vue.js 3 full compatibility, which fuels our work.

10+ Free Bootstrap Admin Templates for your Web App 2022

The creation of professional dashboards is no problem. Thanks to this selection of free bootstrap templates, you will find a practical UI toolkit for your project. Each tool also includes a template for your dashboard that can be customizable to your project. When building the customized dashboard, you have the choice between the different elements and components offered in the template pack. Chart graphics, button alerts, or tables are just a few features you can add.

Vue UI component libraries 2022

Saying that Vue.js is one of the fastest-growing JavaScript frameworks is almost like saying nothing. It has a profound collection of external libraries and frameworks that make developing applications quick and easy, even without any prior experience. When talking about Vue’s growth, it relates to the framework’s simplicity, availability of libraries, components, and learning materials like e.g. to strengthen the ecosystem.

Simple Black Friday

Not long ago, a guy, let’s name him “Kyle” asked us about CoreUI’s Tips for developers to create stunning web or app. Anwer was easy: “keep it simple” :)

Do we need UI components?

It’s not a secret (especially here), that the User Interface (UI) is a huge part of every app. Some say that if the icon is the front door, the UI is the interior design [that’s why CoreUI brings you both icons and components ;)]. Of course, you can take the route of completely designing your own UI from scratch, but… we all suffer from a lack of time. So if you want to get it up and running fast while still having a polished finish, an appropriate UI library seems to be the right option.

Can’t wait for what the future of Vue holds!

It cannot be an accident, cause just as we’ve released 90+ Bootstrap based Vue.js components and directives our friends from told us about their Nuxt Nation Conference 2021. So, joint forces of CoreUI and VueSchool are happy to announce, that a lot of good things will be brought into Vue.js’ World this September.

CoreUI Vue.js components helped to win a Eurostat hackathon

Just a few weeks ago, a nice gentleman from Italy sent us a message:

Dear CoreUI, I am a researcher working at ISTAT, last week I participated in European Big Data Hackathon 2021, organized by Eurostat. And we won using CoreUI Vue.js!

Sounds interesting? That’s just the beginning — let’s dig deeper, cause it’s getting hot in here…

UI Components For Bootstrap — Part 1 by Mehwash Patel

CoreUI is a complete Dashboard UI Kit that allows you to quickly build UX friendly, responsive applications. I’ll be writing about various Bootstrap components in detail in this series. Comment below if you’ve any questions or if you’d want me to write about a specific CoreUI component. In Part 1 of this series, we’ll look at the components: Alert, Badge and Toast. So without further ado, let’s get started. Alert component is used to display message to the user.

Top 10 React Admin Templates & Tools of the Year 2020

2020 is almost over… Thanks to the pandemic, I believe that 99,9% of the global population will be celebrating this coming 2021. But before we’ll do so, enjoy your seat and take a look at this collection of the most beautiful and most all – reliable React Admin Templates.